Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 3.44.0

App Name Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 3.44.0
Platform Android
Genre Simulation
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Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 3.44.0
Download Idle Miner Tycoon MOD APK 3.44.0 for Android. With this mining Android simulation game, become a mine factory tycoon, build an empire, earn money, build a business and get rich in this idle tycoon simulator game where you can make money by investing.

About this Mod:
All premium options unlocked.

Go to System Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and check this option. This lets you install APK files from sources other than Google PlayStore.

About Editors' ChoiceEditors' Choice Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash Game

Are you a true gold miner? Become a mine factory tycoon, build an empire, earn money, build a business, level up, make more money and get rich in this idle tycoon simulator game where you can make money by investing!
Expand your millionaire mining and increase productivity with gold miners who will automate the workflow of your factory! Discover the management strategy to invest in and earn as much cash as possible in this idle tycoon simulator - Live as a miner millionaire tycoon! Be a gold digger and start digging for gold now! This is not a clicker mining game: no need for endless tappings like other clickers or idle simulators.

Do you like idle clicker tycoon games and earning money simulators? Want to be a gold digger? Idle Miner Tycoon game is a simulation that mixes mining management and earning tons of money to become a rich capitalist millionaire. Unlike other simulator and clicker tycoon games, the aim of this miner adventure simulator is to build gold resources and level up to gain as many idle benefits as possible: with the income that you make from the mine, you will have to hire and pay managers, upgrade your factory, and mining buildings as well as optimise your miner for the perfect timing of the whole mining process. What makes this different from the other idle money games is that you can become a mine manager capitalist, build a millionaire factory, and earn money by optimizing the factory workflow with cash in this manager money game like in a clicker simulator. Make more factories in this idle simulator until you become a rich gold capitalist! Enjoy this miner tycoon adventure with no adcap, try this simulator game and become a gold miner.

★ Automate your mine and factory to make more idle cash income: No need to tap like in an online clicker mining simulator! Enjoy this addicting tycoon simulation game and level up!
★ Get idle cash and earn money & gold: Stay in business when you're offline!
★ Profit from investments and get rich! You'll be a rich millionaire among this offline simulator game with no adcap!
★ Hire a manager to increase your miners’ motivation for digging! The mining simulator among manager games.
★ Build up your idle billionaire empire simulation without the endless clicking you experience in other clicker money games and tycoon adventure games!
★ Manage more than 20 mines like a boss: Become a mining tycoon by managing this miner simulator!
★ Become a true gold miner! Manage more than 15 resources: coal, gold, and jade, making this different from all of the other idle tycoon games.
★ Collect masses of coal and gold in this mine factory simulator like a gold digger! It's not like other money games with no adcap!
★ Increase your money and gold in this offline adventure simulator!
★ Make more mine, level up and become the richest factory manager tycoon in this idle miner simulation!

Unlike other simulator games, you get the chance to become a miner billionaire by automating the mine workflow simulation of your magnate business without needing to tap constantly. Get rich, purchase new gold mines and buildings, invest cash and gold, and become the greatest miner manager ever in this mining and digging simulator! Try the money games and manager games, unlike other idle tycoon games!
Earn by selling resources in this miner manager simulator. Dig out the gold and get rich! Become a capitalist millionaire tycoon! Enjoy this Idle Miner Tycoon game!
download~ 139 MB

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